Our Philosophy

When it comes to wellness, well let's face it, Motion Infusion is different from the others. Here are our core beliefs:

It's better to start with what's right. 

In health and wellness, too much energy has been spent on telling people what they’re doing wrong – and not enough on what they’re doing right.  Making a change requires motivation – and we believe that people are more motivated to change when they begin with their strengths.  So, we help employees to first identify their strengths and then build from this place of power to reframe and address their wellness challenges.

Meaning matters more than money.

There's a growing trend toward more incentives. In other words, reward good behaviors with prizes, discounts or outright cash – and punish bad behaviors by withholding these rewards and in some cases, firing employees for making unhealthy choices. Here's the rub: all the research shows that people make and sustain change when it's personally meaningful - not when they're lured with carrots and sticks. So, our wellness programs don't rely on incentives and instead focus on creating enjoyment, engagement and personal meaning.

These are big problems that require big, creative solutions.  

We've created "out of the box" solutions that go beyond health and wellness - and look to other fields, such as educational reform best practices - to come up with thought-provoking, engaging programs. We're taking a Renaissance "Leonardo da Vinci" approach to well-being, bringing together the scientist with the humanist with the artist. Above all, we believe that change happens when we connect with the human, emotional side - as opposed to just the rational, thinking side. 

We believe in the power of people-to-people connections. 

We're social creatures, much more influenced by our peers, than by the outside “expert.” That's why all of our solutions are group-based and emphasize peer-to-peer connections. By partnering co-workers together to keep them motivated and moving as a team toward their wellness goals, we’re helping companies to create social networks of healthy, happy people.

Making it fun is what makes it work.

We believe - and research backs us - that the real key to sustainable, long-lasting change is just plain making it fun! 


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