"Laura is a great speaker who reinforces the little things we can all do to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle. She is both informative and engaging!"

If you're looking for inspiration and insights on topics related to well-being, motivation, innovation or improved performance, we can help. Our keynotes and on-site presentations are lively and spirited, with lots of easy-to-use tips to get everyone "in motion" - and on the road to enhanced well-being. Click here to view a sample keynote clip.

  • Workplace Wellness That Works – Over 75% of employees have access to a wellness program. But, do these programs actually work? Evidence suggests that most do not. Over 80% of eligible employees are opting out, four times more money is going toward incentives than on the actual programs, and rates of stress and obesity continue to soar. It doesn't have to be this way. In this educational and entertaining session, learn how you can Start a Movement of well-being in your organization! 
  • Getting Managers on the Move - In this dynamic session, Laura paints a picture of what's possible for every team and every organization - and how this begins with Getting Managers on the Move. Research suggests that managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement with wellness. In effect, every manager has the opportunity to serve as either a "multiplier" or a "gatekeeper" of well-being for the employees they manage. This keynote will help managers to lead differently, which will in turn catalyze to engage anew with their work and their well-being.


Other Topics

"Other lunch n' learns try to get people to participate. Yours actually did."

- Leslie Garcia, Senior Benefits Director at IDT

Below are some of the topics we offer.  Each of these can also be expanded into a more in-depth and interactive workshop.

  • Stand Up For Being the Change – When it comes to health, well-being and living with vitality, each of us can Start a Movement! Get inspired to become a "secret agent of change," positively influencing your co-workers, your family, your friends, your community, and even your world. Click here to view a clip.
  • Stand Up For More Movement (aka, Please, Don't Have a Seat!) – It’s time to move! Get the latest on how sedentary lifestyles are affecting us, why getting active is more than just “getting a workout,” and how to infuse motion into your daily routine, even when “there’s no time.” After leaving this session, you’ll reconsider next time you ask someone to “Have a seat!”
    Click here to view a clip & Click here to listen in on an archived webinar.
  • Stand Up For Healthy Eating – We take an honest look at healthy eating - and why most diets, while well intended, are usually misdirected. Instead of the usual "deprivation" approach, we advocate an "additive" approach to bring in more "SOUL" - seasonal, organic, unadulterated and local.
  • Stand Up To Stress - Let’s face it – we live in a world full of stress. The real question is – what can you do about it? From the story behind “Type A” versus “Type B” to insights from Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning to the concept of proactive restoration, learn how you can better manage stress and build resiliency with simple, yet effective practices.
  • Supercharged - What are the keys to not just surviving - but fully thriving? Learn about the multiple essentials of well-being and come away with specific takeaways to catapult yourself into a revitalized and supercharged way of living!
  • Goals Built to Last- Our health and well-being is largely a result of our choices. The real challenge is getting ourselves to close the “knowing and doing” gap. Think about it: How many times have you set a New Year’s resolution only to have it fail? Building on compelling research, learn effective strategies to finally translate intention into sustainable action that’s “built to last."
  • Get Happy - Can money buy happiness? In addition to addressing provocative questions such as this, move beyond stress management to explore the fundamentals of true happiness:  joy in the moment, social connections, career satisfaction and a deep sense of purpose.
  • Get Innovative –Through an exploration of brain-based research, compelling case studies and a template to build your creative capacity, learn how movement can help you to unleash your “inner genius” and why it’s never too late to get started. Click here to listen in on an archived webinar.
  • Wellness for Women – This presentation explores wellness from a female perspective. Participants discuss embracing one’s imperfections (despite the messages we get from the media), getting active and staying inspired as keys to living a long and healthy life. 
  • What's Good for the Earth Is Good for Us - Learn about why sustainability is essential to every individual's personal well-being, and come away with simple ways to get started. Our message is "Go ahead - join the movement!"
  • From Carrots & Sticks to Making Meaning – This session explores the billion-dollar question in health promotion, namely: "How do we get people to change?” Invoking best practices from the field of education, this method moves beyond the incentives, replacing the typical behaviorist approach (reward and punishment) with a so-called constructivist approach (create meaning).  Participants learn how they can apply this model to more effectively motivate their participants to want to make a change.  Click here to listen to an archived webinar.
  • A Life Well Led – This offering is a series of talks that explore well-being topics in much greater depth. Beginning with setting a goal and continuing with interactive learning activities and peer "accountability partners," participants come away with tools for enhanced well-being. The focus is on empowering participants to become “self leaders” in leading healthier, happier lives.
  • Get Smart About How You Get Smarter - In this hands-on workshop, employees get to actually practice bringing out their "inner genius" with movement-based exercises that foster "whole-brain" thinking. In addition to formulating their own personalized creative habit, employees learn about how they can leverage the latest findings in brain research in order to maximize their innovative capacity.

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