Getting Managers on the Move - WELCOA Expert Interview

How does leadership - even at the management level - shape the health and well-being of employees? Learn about three ways a manager can become a wellness multiplier in your organization.

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Going Stealth - WELCOA Expert Interview

Learn what barriers might be holding you back from engaging employees in onsite wellness initiatives and why “going stealth” might be your next strategy for moving the needle on employee engagement.

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Movement in the Workplace = Happy + Healthy Bottom Line

Motion Infusion is a revolutionary company that brings motion into the workplace – in a positive and proactive way. Why does that matter? Because movement helps people get healthier, happier, smarter. And that’s good news for your bottom line. In fact, more movement can lead to increased productivity, higher employee morale, reduced stress, better leadership, and a whole lot of teamwork. That is why Motion Infusion was created - a company that’s dedicated to bringing movement into the workplace. 

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Top Ten Reasons to Get a Stand Up Desk

All of us could benefit from more movement - and getting a stand up desk is a great place to start. Download our "Top Ten Reasons to Get a Stand Up Desk" if you're needing to sway your manager or just wanting to get more informed.

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Motion Infusion in the Office

Sneak movement into your workday with this simple stretch routine that can be done at any point during your day.   

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