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HERO Forum - September 2016

Don't miss our session "Leading Well-Being" at HERO Forum in Atlanta. Laura, along with Sara Johnson, CEO and Co-President of Pro-Change Behavior Systems and Crockett Dale, CEO of Healthstat, will share the secrets and our findings on how to activate managers to become multipliers of well-being.


Recently Happened... 

Laura Is a Featured Speaker at Fitbit Captivate Conference

Laura and others, like Amy Cuddy, Vic Strecher and Jessica Grossmeier, were featured speakers at Fitbit's Captivate Summit 2016. Laura spoke on the topic "Sparking Mini-Movements to Achieve a Healthier Organization."  

Laura Speaks at National Wellness Conference 

Laura once again co-facilitated the Worksite Academy and presented at the National Wellness Conference.

Laura Speaks at Art & Science of Health Promotion 

Laura spoke on the topic "Start with What's Right" at the Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conferencein Orlando, Florida, hosted by the American Journal of Health Promotion. Stay tuned for a follow up article, that will be appearing in an upcoming issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion.

Laura Keynotes at Fit-Friendly Symposiums 

Laura keynoted at the American Heart Associaion's Fit Friendly Symposiums, in Sacramento, CA in October 2015, and Milwaukee, WI in February 2016.

Laura Tours Florida

Laura made multiple stops throughout the state of Florida during January of 2016. She spoke at the Health Benefits Conference & Expo, in Clearwater, FL; as well as the Wellness Underground Conference, in Orlando, FL.

Laura Speaks to Physicians in North Carolina

Laura returned to her homestate to speak to physicians about "The Art of Behavior Change" at the 2015 North Carolina Society Annual Meeting, held in Greensboro, NC in October of 2015.

Laura Keynotes at Gillette Stadium  

Laura keynoted at the Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts 2015 Annual Conference at Gillette Stadium, in Foxboro, Massachusetts in September of 2015.

Laura Keynotes in Oregon 

Laura keynoted for the State of Oregon's Worksite Wellness Workshop, hosted by the Citycounty Insurance Services group in Portland, OR.

Book Launch!

Laura's new book Workplace Wellness That Works (WILEY) launched on June 15, 2015! The National Wellness Institute hosted a book signing in celebration of its release.

Laura Tours South America

Laura presented at the Corporate Wellbeing Summit 2015 in Bogota, Colombia and Santiago, Chile in May of 2015. She also led a training workshop for HR professionals at Duoc University of Chile, in Santiago.

Laura Speaks to Massachusetts

Check out Laura's webinar "Workplace Wellness That Works" - hosted by the Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts.

Laura Keynotes in Montana

Laura partnered with Rosie Ward to deliver a co-keynote for the 2015 MAHCP Employer Conference, held in Bozeman, Montana, in May of 2015.

Laura Tours South Dakota

Also in May of 2015, Laura served as the keynote speaker for the South Dakota WORKWELL Partnership Summit, held in Rapid City, and went on to keynote in three different cities across the state, on the topic "Moving Up to Be Our Best Self" in celebration of National Secretary Day, hosted by the State of South Dakota.


Video Samples...

Changing Behaviors - One Culture at a Time 

Laura speaks at Stanford University about Changing Behaviors - One Culture at a Time.

Stand Up For Being the Change 

Laura speaks about how each of us can Stand Up For Being the Change!

Stand Up For More Movement 

Laura speaks about how each of us can Stand Up For More Movement.


Archived Webcasts & Interviews...

Healthy, Happy Workplace

Check out a recent podcast on building a Healthy, Happy Workplace!

Worksite Wellness

Get the "why's" and "how's" on worksite wellness by joining Laura for her webcast Worksite Wellness: How To Do It & Why Every Company Should.

Getting People to Change 

Listen in on Getting People to Change: From Carrots & Sticks to Making Meaning. This webinar provides compelling reasons why the current trend toward an increased use of incentives is taking us in the wrong direction - and why we should instead focus on creating wellness programs that build on intrinsic motivators.

Please, Don't Have a Seat!

Listen in on Laura's webcast of Please, Don't Have a Seat! to learn more about why all of us need to get moving throughout our daily routine - and simple ways that we can started.

Get Active, Get Innovative

Listen in on Laura's webcast of Get Active, Get Innovative to learn about what movement does for our brains - and creative ways that we can increase our innovative capacity through movement.


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