The manufacturing industry has unique needs when it comes to promoting well-being at work. We're helping employees and their managers to thrive.

Companies that we've worked with in this field include Schindler and SCHOTT.


Financial Services

The global financial crisis placed a lot of stress on all industries, especially for those who working in the financial sector. Our programs helped employees in the financial industry to stay the course – and thrive along the way.

Companies that we've worked with in this field include Wells Fargo and Visa.



We’re helping healthcare providers to better serve their patients by improving the well-being of their staff.

Companies that we've worked with in this field include Kaiser Permanente, Healthstat, North Carolina Medical Society, PriMed and Aetna.



Technology has helped us to do things we never thought possible. At the same time, all of these technological advances have ushered in a sedentary lifestyle – especially for the employees working in technology. We’re helping to counter these effects by getting high-tech employees out of their seats and into a healthier way of being at work.

Companies that we've worked with in this field include Apple, RichRelevance, Splunk, Altera, Electronic Arts, Logitech, and Salesforce.



The people who are helping to govern our country need to be at their best. We're helping them to do just that.

Government organizations that we've worked with include Solano County (California), State of Montana, State of South Dakota and City of Sioux Falls (South Dakota).


Professional Services

To help professional service companies keep their edge as experts in the field, we work hard to keep their employees at their best.

Companies that we've worked with in this field include NovogradacDeloitte, Lockton, and Allen Matkins LLC



Employees in educational institutes need to be in top form – mind and body. Our innovative programming helps to promote both healthy minds and bodies.

Academic institutions that we've worked with include Stanford University, San Francisco State University, Portland Community College, District 49 (Colorado), Schools Insurance Group (Northern California), LEAP Schools (South Africa),  Cow Hollow School (San Francisco) and Sisters School District (Oregon).



Non-profit employees are reaching out for limited dollars. We’re helping them to still feel limitless, with our programs that inspire and empower.

Non-profit organizations that we've worked with include American Massage Therapy AssociationCreative CommonsDress For SuccessSan Francisco MarathonTeach with Africa and VolunteerMatch.

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